Perfect Air

We can filter out 99.9% of the water particles in the air — no more mist or water droplets in places where they can wreak havoc saving you downtime and money.

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Next Generation

Perfect Conditions

No matter what kind of conditions you face, our solutions can easily handle them. Our maintenance-free droplet separators and louvers are technologically superior and have been tested in the most demanding environments and conditions.


Act Now to Save

Our solution is the only solution that will save both your financial resources and the environment in the short and long term. There is no longer a need for spare parts, filters, or maintenance, saving you time and money from the very start. And because our products are manufactured from recyclable materials, we’re saving the environment at the same time.


It Simply Works

Our sustainable solutions work perfectly, regardless of the conditions. They are technologically unbeatable – and we have the patents to prove it. Would you like to learn more?

Why our customers choose Alupro?

Why our customers choose Alupro?


Customized solutions


Maintenance free


Sustainable solutions


Patented technology